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Metal fabrication

We were invited to carry out work for one of Britain's foremost sculptors.


It soon became apparent  that the skills and sympathetic approach offered by our craftsmen were ideally suited to this type of work. We have since been able to apply our resources to a number of significant projects.


Our innovative engineers are experienced in all facets of engineering and are skilled in working with sculptors during the realisation stage of their work, being fully conversant with CAD software and other techniques.


We are happy to discuss projects at the budget stage and offer practical advice regarding the best methods of manufacture. We welcome the involvement of sculptors during the realisation stage. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss  your future fabrication requirements.


We can manufacture in the following materials:

Carbon steel - Corten weathering steel - Stainless steel - Bronze - Aluminium - Copper - Brass


Plus ancillary items in glass, plastics etc.


High grade metal polishers Ltd operate within our workshop and offer metal polishing and finishing. Finishes include satin, bright, mirror and orbital sanding.


Project management


Benson-Sedgwick has a vast experience in all aspects of realising an art-based project, having worked with numerous artists on a wide variety of projects in all manner of roles. We are incredibly flexible being able to adapt our involvement to suit your resources and budget.


We believe that the essential element in creating a successful project (aesthetically and financially) is to clearly and accurately determine the scope of responsibilities. It is too easy for all parties to assume that elements are being handled by others, especially when the structure of a project becomes complicated by numerous parties. Client / artist is simple but client may be a group of people. Then there are clients representative, clients contractor, agent/art consultant/gallery, artist and artists fabricator. Throw into the mix various sub-contractors, local authorities; artists contractors and the opportunity for large items to be missed is huge.


We are able to liase between all parties involved and ensure that the process from initial idea to finished sculpture is as smooth as possible. If you have an idea but don't how to get it started why not contact us now and see if you can make your idea real.


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